Senior Cannabis & CBD Therapy

Welcome to Silverleaf...

At SilverLeaf, we dispense to all OMMA patient's but we recognize that medicating with Cannabinoids among seniors is on the rise. With the right product and education, they might greatly increase their quality of life along with an array of other health benefits. We feel it is very important to educate seniors on micro-dosing with THC and CBD to maximize cannabinoid benefits. Our goal is to educate seniors, so that they have knowledge on cannabinoid therapies  Doing this, we hope to help seniors "cut down", if not stop using opioids all together. 

Cannabinoid Third Party Provider

Due to Federal funding, some healthcare entities may not have clearance to offer their resident's and patient's cannabinoids. This is where we can help. SilverLeaf is a local third-party cannabinoid provider that will offer caregiver services to deliver cannabis to  home-bound and institutionalized seniors. We are "Cannacian" certified thus, allowing us to properly educate and introduce the different dosing and delivery methods. We can educate the patient,resident and/or family members so that they may become the caregiver if desired. 


Medical Equipment For Seniors & Veterans

At SilverLeaf we have a donation program to help seniors and Veterans become more mobile. We take in quality donations of used medical equipment so that when a senior or Veteran is in need, we are then able to donate that needed piece of equipment directly to them at absolutely no cost.

Some products you can find at SilverLeaf:

  • Cannabis Flower (THC)

      low % and high%

  • CBD Flower (CBD)
  • CBG Flower (CBG)
  • Tinctures (CBD/THC)
  • Distillates (THC)
  • Pre-Rolls (THC)
  • Salves (CBD / THC)
  • Lotions (CBD)
  • Vape Cartridges (THC)
  • RSO Suppositories (THC)
  • Edibles (THC / CBD) - Coming Soon
  • Inhalers (CBD)( THC:CBD 1:1) - Coming Soon
  • Kratom - Coming Soon